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Neurodiversity, Community Music Therapy, and Sensory Friendly Concerts

CMTE Credits: 10
Course Instructors: CJ Shiloh, MT-BC
Date: Self-led course
Time: 500 Minutes
Location: Online/Self Study
Course Cost: Free; Complete by 5/31/18 for credit. 
Prerequisites: None

COURSE MUST BE COMPLETED BY 5/31/18 for Credit. 


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Online Course Description

This course is designed to help music therapists, related professionals and self-advocates alike become more aware of past and present trends within autism discourse and Community Music Therapy theories.

CJ shares insightful articles, blogs and current considerations of the Neurodiversity Movement, which require short and long answer reflections if continuing education credit is earned. The course also provides the guidelines needed to become a Sensory Friendly Concert Facilitator.

Topics include: Expanding your knowledge of the Neurodiversity Movement and Community Music Therapy Resources from: Paulina Ong, Ari Ne’eman, Jim Sinclair, Lydia Brown, Ariane Zurcher, Jenell Johnson, Gary Ansdell, Sue Baines, Sandra Curtis, Brynjulf Stige, Guylaine Vaillancourt.

Learning Objectives

Course participants will be able to:

  • Identify client’s issues regarding cultural background, preferences and stressors related to present status.
  • Evaluate reliability and presence of bias in information from available resources.
  • Recognizing and managing aspects of one’s own feelings and behaviors that affect the therapeutic process.
  • Consult with other music therapists and other non-music therapy professionals, communicate with client or client’s family, caregivers, or personal network.
  • Serve as a representative, spokesperson, ambassador, or advocate for the profession of music therapy.
  • Review current research and literature in music therapy and related disciplines.

Neurodiversity, Community Music Therapy, and Sensory Friendly Concerts

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